We monitor your backup daily as part of our service. An engineer will initially install the backup software so you can have complete confidence that your important files are being backed up correctly. We use military grade data centres across the UK to ensure that your data is fully encrypted, stored and replicated. Should your on-site systems fail, we also offer a full disaster recovery solution which allows your systems to continue to operate in the cloud – meaning minimal disruption for you and your staff.


Data stored in the cloud on services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace can still be lost if not backup up securely, through human error, hacking, ransomware or accidentally closing accounts. We partner with leading Cloud Data Management companies to provide a secure, fully encrypted solution hosted with Tier 4 UK data centres. For added peace of mind we monitor your backups to ensure everything is running exactly as expected.


CCTV offers a convenient and effective means to enhance security within a school environment. It aids in documenting various incidents on the school premises, whether they occur during daytime activities in the playground or involve monitoring suspicious individuals during night time hours. Our services encompass a range of CCTV systems, all of which leverage your school’s existing infrastructure. This approach helps in controlling costs while establishing connections between Full HD cameras and a recording system. This recording system boasts remote accessibility and a data storage capacity of at least one month. We are well-equipped to assist you in developing a custom solution tailored to your school’s specific requirements, whether you require as few as two cameras or as many as 99, both indoors and outdoors. We do also work with other systems and can support those already installed.


We provide the latest security standards to your environment with 2FA (Two-factor authentication). 2FA adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process much like you already use for online banking by making it more difficult for attackers to gain access to devices, online accounts and resources. 2FA combined with conditional access ensures authenticity of logins and safeguards sensitive data with the option of OTP (One Time Password) keyring tags to comply with school policies.


Cyber security is important for schools as they are heavily reliant on technology to operate effectively. Without vulnerability assessments (VA), schools may leave themselves open to cyber attacks and a variety of other security issues. VA’s are critical to identify security flaws and entry points into compromising the school network and computers. We provide in depth, periodic documented vulnerability assessment reports showing remediations to secure systems both internally and externally.


Knowing who is on your premises at all times is very important. For years, a simple visitor book on the front desk sufficed, however, with data protection and GDPR at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is important to have a compliant system in place. We recommend either InVentry or Sign In App having worked with them in a number of schools, we know that these are the most popular solutions for schools.


Security in schools is extremely high on the agenda coupled with the requirement to have a lockdown procedure in place. We find that Access Control is a fantastic way to meet the requirements placed upon schools, our recommended solution is Paxton where we hold Platinum Partner Status, although we have also worked with other access control systems.


Schools, regardless of the number of students and staff, hold data that can be very sensitive. To keep information safe, we provide an easy to use, secure, end-to-end encrypted communication for staff keeping your student information secure and confidential without the need to replace your current email system.


Protect your staff and student mailboxes with this vital additional email security layer protecting email platforms such as Office 365 and Gmail from malware and zero day attacks with a rock solid, multi-award winning anti-spam, malware blocking and email filtering service at an affordable price. The sandboxing feature protects against breaches and sophisticated email attacks by providing a powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files.


We can create custom ID cards in our design studio, with a quick turnaround offered when needed. We can customise ID cards to your requirements and include information such as job titles and DBS numbers. We also, if required, can supply stock or personalised lanyards and holders.


With the ever-growing advancements in technology and the ability to access data anywhere and at anytime, we need to be able to keep this information, safe and secure. As a Sophos Silver Partner, we can provide the latest threat protection solutions with significant savings for education customers for both on premises and cloud-based products.


Phishing simulations test and help reinforce cybersecurity training for staff to recognise, avoid, and report potential email threats. We provide custom phishing simulations for a variety of online platforms to guard your school against social-engineering threats. Detailed reports can be produced to provide an insight on individuals that would benefit from further training.