MIS Migration & Support


We recognise that a Management Information System (MIS) is critical to the smooth running of a school. Over the past five years the MIS market has significantly transitioned from being dominated by the SIMS & FMS ecosystem to providing a range of options based on offerings from suppliers providing Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) options. We are able to support full range of systems on offer and have actively engaged with the currently most popular solutions. However, if your MIS preference is for one of the other systems available then we can also help you with planning a migration and ongoing support.


Our SIMS support service is provided by an accredited ESS SIMS partner and includes unlimited support for all modules. We provide support over the phone and remotely. Upgrades and patch installations are completed remotely out of hours to avoid disruption.


As an accredited Arbor support partner we can advise on migration from your existing MIS. We can then provide ongoing basic or advanced support, including training to meet your specific needs. Our support and advice can cover an individual school or at the MAT level. Arbor are rapidly integrating a Finance system into the MIS and we can help and advise on this as well as helping you take advantage of the full suite of integrated modules including the ability to create a MAT wide view of data sets that is part of the solution.


We are an accredited Bromcom partner and can support you with your migration to this MIS as well as basic and advanced support. The Bromcom solution includes a finance module as well as a number of integrated modules that can replace current third party solutions. These modules require planning and a roadmap to be fully utilised and we can help you understand your options and define what a reasonable roadmap to this full utilisation looks like. Additional systems like My Child At School (MCAS) and, for MATs the MAT vision option, provide a range of additional value that we can help you unlock.