If you are using any of the tools in these ‘digital ecosystems’ then you have already made a move to adopt cloud services. We can support you with this journey and help you make the most of the services that are available. From enrolling Chromebooks in small or large quantities to ensuring that devices using the Microsoft ecosystem are secure and kept up to date. In addition, our expert education team help your teachers, leaders and admin staff make the most of what you have with dedicated training sessions.


Moving to the Cloud often involves the use of more mobile devices. From Windows laptops to Chromebooks to iPads and to tablets, these devices need to be managed to ensure they are secure both on and off of a school site. Our Mobile Device Management solutions will ensure that all devices are well managed according to the policies you have agreed.


Being able to access files and resource remotely is an import service to offer to staff and, as the pandemic illustrated, for pupils as well. From traditional Remote Desktop solutions and VPN access to the latest Cloud based approaches we can provide secure remote access for staff and pupils as part of the overall solution we manage and maintain.


Many schools are moving to giving students their own device. However that is deployed or used, be that blended learning hybrid learning virtual learning the device simply needs to work, be secure and replaced or repaired if it gets damaged.

We have programmes that can put the latest devices in the hands of learners and make sure that the management of that is as simple as possible for your schools or MAT. We also see these devices as part of the broader Cloud strategy you might want to adopt, so we can integrate our services from MDM to Microsoft 365 or Google into the way these schemes are managed.


Many schools are now using Teams or Google Classroom to manage and deliver a range of lessons for students. We can help you ensure that classes are correctly provisioned and that the right people can access the right resources as they need them. By working across your broader Microsoft or Google ecosystem we can ensure that the experience in Teams or Google Classroom is the best possible experience. Integration is key and we can ensure that everything seamlessly works as it should.


We know that your school website and associated branding make a significant impact on how your school is perceived within the community. In view of this and drawing on our experience our design studio is able to assist by providing access to a full range of design services including logos, prospectuses, stationery, literature and full website solutions including help and advice on both design and content.

We can also ensure that any online presence is fully integrated with your broader Cloud strategy so that where needed data systems are securely connected together to reduce management overheads.


As part of a broader cloud strategy you will eventually look at moving physical servers into the Cloud and either run a virtual server or access a Cloud service. This approach ultimately allows you to free up space onsite, reduce costs and provide more flexibility. We can help you deliver these hosted server solutions in a way that is fully integrated into your wider Cloud strategy.


As part of a Cloud strategy, it is common to want to move data from the storage devices and servers you have onsite. This data can be moved to the storage that comes with the Cloud Services like M365 and Google for Education. This process requires planning so that the right data is moved to the right locations. Often there is a lot of data that needs moving so planning is essential.

In the Microsoft ecosystem we can also help you set up a SharePoint implementation and move data into that structure in a secure way. For Google users, making sure that the right data is available in Google Classroom for example can also be part of a data migration.

Finally, making sure that when users log on they can save to right location also requires planning that is normally part of the broader data migration.