Network Connectivity


The demand on wireless infrastructure in schools is ever increasing and we know how important it
is to ensure speed and reliability. There is nothing worse than having a class trying to use mobile devices only to find they are unable to connect or experience very slow speeds. We work closely with our distributors to provide the latest equipment to our schools at a competitive price all whilst ensuring the products are technically up to date, not just to support the devices of today but those in the future.


We have an excellent data cabling team who can carry out any size job, from a single data outlet
to an entire new building. We regularly install fibre connections between buildings and cabinets to ensure a high-speed backbone for the infrastructure of the school, ensuring slow speeds in different areas of a building are a thing of the past. We also regularly tidy up cabinets which have been neglected over a number of years to ensure they are fully operational and easy to troubleshoot any issues should one occur.


We have been accredited as a Support Partner for Schools Broadband which will ensure that you get market leading connectivity. Offering ADSL, FTTC, EoFTTC, FTTP connections and dedicated fibre leased with content filtering and a secure firewall within clear and simple packages.


Telephone systems are a fundamental part of any school yet are often neglected, increasing costs and the risk of failure. We offer advice on and have installed a variety of systems including our cloud hosted solution which allows use of software and mobile applications to provide remote and flexible working opportunities. This solution is installed in hundreds of schools and across Multi Academy Trusts improving their cohesion and assisting in their growth.


Education is our thing which is why we completely understand the unique ways in which a school network runs. A significant part of our business is replacing, upgrading and refining them to achieve the best possible return on investment. Our infrastructure services include design and implementation of on-premises and cloud solutions, including networking, server, storage, virtualisation and email migrations.


With declining funding in schools, it is important to reduce the amount of paper that is used on a daily basis where possible. With PaperCut you can account for every page printed and stop any careless waste with some simple tools. User and department quotas, BYOD, Accountability, Approve Printing, Print Release, Reports and Policies are just a few of the key features available in this cost-effective solution.